ABBA# 907088
DOB: October 11, 2011
Sire: LMC WFF Pistolero M130
Dam: JDH Lady Bohannon Manso

The Polled Madonna donor is a moderate, long-bodied and stout structured cow that excels in soundness and breed character. She was a part of an exciting litter that produced herd bulls for Kansas Polled Brahman Ranch and SRS Land & Cattl, as well as a productive cow for Schneider Brahmans. Along with our partners on the flush, Schneider Brahmans, we expected big things from this flush, as both the Pistolero bull and Lady Bohannon Manso donor have done a lot in their prospective programs. We were certainly not disappointed when this litter of calves that included the Polled Madonna donor hit the ground.

We partnered up with England Cattle and Kansas Polled Brahman Ranch to buy Polled Madonna in the 2013 International Sale for $20,000. We were confident that Madonna had both the genotype and phenotype to continue to improve our polled cattle. Madonna blends both power and femininity, which is what we strive to do. Madonna’s first litter of IVF heifer calves sired by LMC LF Ambassador 700/7 were breed improvers and generated a lot of excitement for us partners. The heifer calf litter of 4 averaged $16,500 with the top pick commanding an $18,000 bid for first pick in our LMC GenePLUS Online Sale V in September 2014.

Polled Madonna features numerous register of renown animals in her pedigree and her maternal grandsire is the famous +JDH Datapack Manso bull. Her sire Pistolero was bred by our good friends at Westfall Family Farms and carries some excellent Suva and Sugarland genetics in his pedigree. We figured the power that these two bulls brought to the table would stouten up our cattle and retain their eye appeal, thus far Madonna has done just that for us. An exciting blood-line offering some reliable polled genetics here that if you have your chance to get your hands on, we would be confident in encouraging you to do so as it is working for us.

Owned with England Cattle Company of Mercedes, Texas and Kansas Polled Brahman Ranch of Madison, Kansas.

LMC Polled N Pretty 58/4
Sired by LMC LF Ambassador
LMC Polled Passion 55/4
Sired by LMC LF Ambassador

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