LMC Redskin is a solid red, polled/scurred, purebred Simbrah bull that was born on February 24, 2005. Redskin is sired by the immortal HR Powerhouse bull and the dam of the superstar LM She Moves donor, LMC 5C-35 who is one of our top donors. His pedigree is chalked full of Simbrahs finest genetics, that have worked for us and will work for you. Redskin was the Reserve Calf Champion at the 2005 Simbrah Sensation, which was his first show out. Redskins flush mate won the first ever MAS Steer Show for Marco Flores. This dynamic young bull was selected by Judd Flowers of Monte Christo Investments as his next herd bull. Judd loves breeding good solid red cattle and we look for Redskin to do just that for both outfits. Redskin has a tremendous profile with lots of extension from head to tail. This young herd sire will impress you with his length, front end and breed character. Redskin is being used heavily in the Flowers herd and we look forward to progeny from him in the spring of 2007. If your looking for a bull to give your progeny plenty of length and a solid red hair coat, Redskin should get the job done for you. Breeding shares sell for $500.00 giving you ten units on Redskin. PROGENY COMING IN THE FALL OF 2007.

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