LMC 5H-144

We have been in the registered business since 1963 and have bred and owned our share of the great ones.  LMC 5H-144 was as good as we have ever produced and owned.  Her sire, LMC Titan is a grand son of the famous Jetliner cow, one of the best Simmental cows ever produced.  Her maternal grand & great grandsires were all BIG TIME BEEF BULLS – Moses (Nat. Champ F-1), Mayro 257 (Nat. Champ Brahman) and 1/755Y – the first major Red Brahman sire we ever purchased.

Her first four natural calves by four different sires were all show quality heifers.  We sold the first two
to Mike Quintanilla, kept one and sold the fourth to Alyssa Martinez for an average of $4,000 – good reason to put her in ET.  In her first flush she produced 72 - #one fertilized embryos and averaged 43 in her first four flushes making her the most fertile embryo producer in the breed with very few beef cows ever doing more.  Since then we have sold ET heifers to Joe Mask, Doug Lightfoot, Rickey Burch, Lindsay & Lesli Garrett, Reavis-Smith and 6G-Yaeger for an average of $6,625.  We have kept lots of good ones and will never sell all of any one of them.  Why?  Because we want to spread her fertility and productivity throughout our herd.

She has registered 51 head in ASA and 19 Simbraviehs in the BAA.  The Simbravieh breed is
being built around a great set of ten full ET Sisters out of her and WTR Hip Check – a Show Bull and Show Sire of the Year plus the weaning and yearling weight trait leader of the breed. We own his dam, the famous WTR Baylee cow – truly one of the top five cows in the Braunvieh breed - just like LMC 5H - 144 was in the Simbrah breed.

We currently have embryos for sale by T-Cat, Full House, Red Bullet, Red Ammo & Dream On.

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