BBS Jennie Walker

Registration Number: 2394889
Date of Birth: November 16, 2006
Sire: LMC EF JW Black 3N/225
Dam: 69-K0

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Progeny/Reference Photos

Jennie’s sire is the legendary LMC EF JW Black

Jennie won the coveted $10,000 scholarship by winning the 2009 San Antonio Jr. Show for Kayla Boening

LMC BBS Manziel is a champion Jennie son and proven herd bull

LMC BBS Jennie Love 5G/20
2019 – 2021
Registration Number: 3578678
LN LMC 12th Man Y238 x BBS Jennie Walker
2020 Reserve National Champion Female

LMC BBS Belle is a champion Jennie daughter for Robert Stavinoha now at work at 6G – Stavinoha

LMC BBS Layla is a Jennie daughter that won the State Fair, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Mercedes Jr. Shows for Mackenzie Groce

LMC BBS Jazmine is a Jennie daughter that topped a 2019 LMC GenePLUS Online Sale selling to La Hacienda Hinojosa for $12,500


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