LMC Gig ‘Em 5R/54

Registration Number: 2284404
Date of Birth: February 13, 2005
Sire: HR Power House 1
Dam: LM Robs Muneca 3E/89

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LMC Gig ‘Em is a black, polled, purebred Simbrah bull that was born on February 13, 2005. He is a full brother to our Triple Crown winner LM Full House who is sired by the twice Houston International Champion HR Powerhouse bull and the $52,000 LMC 3E-89 donor cow. This bloodline is tough to beat and has been our most profitable mating since we went to embryo transfer in 2004. This bull was extremely touted as a calf and turned into a great looking young stud for us, he is AWESOME. He is co-owned with Fred Grahmann’s 6G Ranch and J.D. Salinas.

Gig Em, like his full brother Full House is a real piece of work, a near perfect balance of style and power. A good looking head leads to a nice, clean front end with a smooth shoulder design. Gig Em has plenty of depth throughout in his middle 1/3 and a bold rib shape. A big hip and a rear 1/3 loaded with meat and muscle are just a few of this bull’s attributes. Good testicles, lots of bone and two of the three Triple Crown championships come along with this young bull as well. Calves will be on the ground in the spring of 2007 and should be just as good if not better than his brothers’ Full House. Breeding shares in Gig Em get you 10 units for $500.00. Don’t miss him. PROGENY COMING IN THE SPRING OF 2007.

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