LMC LN Polled Pappo 136/6

Registration Number: 953236
Date of Birth: May 9, 2016
Sire: Polled Pathfinder 24
Dam: Miss Triple C 5/4
Owned With: La Negra Cattle Company

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Progeny/Reference Photos

LMC LN Polled Pappo Daughter
Daughter of LMC Polled Passion 55/4
Owned by Smith Farms of Texas

LMC LN Polled Pappo daughter bred by La Negra.

LMC LN Polled Pappo son bred by La Negra.

LMC BBS Polled Profit 32/9 is a stout LMC LN Polled Pappo son out of a Mr. V8 380/6 daughter.

LMC LN Polled Prodigy 188/7 is an exciting full brother to Polled Pappo owned with La Negra and Phillip Cattle Company.

The first Polled Pappo babies are here and are capacious, stylish and eye appealing, just like their sire.

LMC LN Polled Crystal 166/7 is Polled Pappo’s maternal sister and was the Calf Champion and Reserve Champion Red Brahman Female for Ceci Guerra at the 2018 TJBA State Show.


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