LMC Pioneer Woman

Registration Number: 3127936
Date of Birth: April 15, 2014
Sire: LMC LF Ambassador 700/7
Dam: LMC WFC Ms. Dream Girl

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Pioneer Woman gives us the opportunity to utilize any Purebred Simmental bull to produce NEW BLOOD Simbrah, given that she is 3/8 Simmental x 5/8 Brahman. This intriguing donor nears perfection in the flesh and blends power, as well as femininity as good as any in our program. Her desirable phenotype is coupled with one of our most productive pedigrees crossing two pillars in our Brahman and Simbrah programs.

Ladies first as we begin with Pioneer Woman’s famous dam, LMC WFC Ms. Dream Girl. Arguably one of the most successful Purebred Simbrah show heifers of all time, winning major shows from start to finish including two National titles, an International title and the $10,000 San Antonio Junior Show Scholarship for Jordan Grahmann. Dream Girl was a Smith Nu Wave II daughter out of LMC Miss Diva, who is a direct daughter of the legendary LMC EF JW Black. Notable maternal sibs would be the productive LMC Daydream donor, the National Champion LMC Gold Medal bull and many more.

Pioneer Woman’s sire +LMC LF Ambassador 700/7 (P) is one of the few Polled Brahman cattle to enter the American Brahman Breeders Association’s prestigious Register of Renown. Ambassador was our go to sire for years as we developed our Polled Brahman program to one of the most renowned in the country. His top daughter, +LMC Polled Passion 55/4 was crowned Reserve International Champion Grey Brahman Female at the coveted International Brahman Show in 2016. Passion is also in the Register of Renown just like her sire.

When you consider the excitement, production, and built-in promotion behind Pioneer Woman the opportunity to utilize her influence is a great opportunity. She has produced numerous champions that have gone on to produce champions themselves proving herself time and time again as a prolific donor.

Owned with Seale Show Cattle in San Augustine, Texas.

Progeny/Reference Photos

Sire: +LMC LF Ambassador 700/7

Dam: LMC WFC Ms. Dream Girl

LMC Fendi 5F/61
Many Times Champion Pioneer Woman Daughter Owned by the Hein Family

LMC Electra 5D/165
Many Times Champion Pioneer Woman Daughter Exhibited by Mia Ramirez.

LMC JSSC Aspen 5H/171
Sired by JASS On The Mark
Exhibited by Peyton Moore

LMC JSSC Cinnamon Dulce 5H/164
Sired by JASS On The Mark
Exhibited by Emily Jennings

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