Mr. V8 733/7 “Polled Phenom”

Registration Number: 934072
Date of Birth: November 6, 2014
Sire: +JDH Me Elmo Manso
Dam: Miss V8 100/7

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Progeny/Reference Photos

+JDH Mr. Elmo Manso 309/4 is the sire to Mr. V8 733/7 “Polled Phenom” and is one of Brahman’s most popular sire’s world wide.

LMC LF Polled Perfecta is a typical Polled Phenom daughter and is out of the LMC Polled Passion donor.

LMC LF Polled Legacy is an exciting Mr. V8 733/7 “Polled Phenom” son raised by 4F Cattle Company that La Muneca-Flores is developing.

Miss V8 100/7 (P) is Mr. V8 733/7’s dam and the 2010 National Champion Female for the Cutrer’s at V8 Ranch.

LMC LF Polled N Clean is a Mr. V8 733/7 (P) son out of the LMC Polled Passion donor owned with La Estancia Ranch and Louie Flores.

LMC LF Foxy 71/8
Champion Polled Phenom Daughter
Owned by Ally Robinson

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