On February 19, 2020, the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) announced those cattle that have earned their way into the prestigious Register of Renown.

According to the ABBA website, “The Register of Renown program was designed to recognize the sires and dams of show ring winners at ABBA approved shows. To obtain the status of Register of Renown, a cow must gain a minimum of 75 points earned by two or more of her produce. Bulls must gain 200 points earned by 5 or more of his get. Points may also be gained when a get-of-sire or produce-of-dam are exhibited by one or more owners.”

We’re proud to announce that two of our top POLLED Brahman donors have entered this prestigious group. On the Grey Brahman side, our 2016 Reserve International Champion Grey Brahman Female +LMC Polled Passion 55/4 earned her way in. Passion joins her Register of Renown sire +LMC LF Ambassador 700/7 in this elite group. Passion is out of LMC +S Polled Madonna 274/1, a former International and LMC GenePLUS Online Sale high seller now owned by England Cattle Company and K Bar K Cattle Company. Passion is owned with Louie Flores.

On the red side, +Miss Triple C 5/4 (S) has also earned her way into the Register of Renown with her many times champion progeny LMC LN Polled Pappo 1367, LMC LN Polled Crystal 166/7 and LMC LN Corinne 159/7 leading the way. 5/4 is sired by +Mr Winchester Magnum 999 who is sired by and out of two Register of Renown members himself. 5/4 is out of Miss Double A 556/8, a productive JDH x V8 cross cow in the Triple C program. 5/4 is owned with La Negra Cattle Company.

We’d like to thank Joyce Custom Fitters, Phillip Cattle Company, our grandchildren, K Bar K Cattle Company and all those who played a role in and out of the show ring getting these two successful polled donors into the Register of Renown.

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